About Us

We are pleased to give a brief outline of the activities of HI-Tech Machineshop in Kuwait. Ever since inception the organisation has been growing fron1 strength to strength. Weoweour 111oderate success to our dedicated team of efficient einployees and also to the loyalty and trust bestowed by our valued clients. Since its inception the Company has witnessed exceptional growth and has established a strong reputation with the Local and International Clients as a dynan1ic, profes ional, efficient, competitive and quality oriented organization. Currently our field includes various Precision Machining activities Machining, Flange Machining &Mfg., Babbitt Bearing Repairing, Gear Manufactur ing, Turbine Services, On site Machining, Valve Repairing, etc.

Our Story

Providing Automotive Machine  Services Since 1982

We would like to introduce ourselves as a complete Automotive Machine shop who have been in this business for past 38 years. Our shop is a family run business located in Kuwait which was started back in 1982 and currently have the family’s 3rd Generation in this business.

We believe in technology and take great pride in using the most up-to-date equipment for the services that we provide to our esteemed customers.

Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority and we ensure our workmanship meets the highest standards.

Full Service,
Better Quality &

Quick  Services

The credit of our pheno111enal growth goes to our con11nitn1ent to quality and excellence. Our focus is to create pleasing Machining work and provide high quality work to our clients. We believe that designing aesthetically is an art in itself and strive to achieve perfection in our endeavours We endeavour to offer Machining and designing products of highest quality. We take strict n1easures to 1naintain the desired quality standards at all levels. To ensure that specific quality standards are 1net, we station our ownQCengineers at the manufacturing units to n1aintain a strict vigil on the quality of the products.

I.C. Engine Rebuilding & Machining

We specialize in Internal Combustion (IC) Engine rebuilding & machining by working with state-of-the-art machines that provide most precision workmanship.

Weld | Machine |Fabricate

Our shop provides all types of Welding (Electric, TIG, MIG) services and are equipped to carry out heavy equipment automated bore welding and line boring. We also provide precision machining & fabrication services to our customers.


Grand Hyper Building, Building 4, Floor 5, Office 5, Street 66, Block 7, Fahaheel, Kuwait